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Polished concrete

Polished concrete floors are fast becoming the number one choice over alternative floor coverings due to the durability of the material as well as the endless colour and finish options available.

At Cardiff Concrete Polishing we understand the importance of client / contractor relationship in order to deliver that perfect finish on your concrete floor on commercial, industrial and domestic situations. We use the latest technology and machinery advances to best achieve your practical and decorative requirements.

A bathroom with a polished concrete floor A kitchen which has a concrete overlay as the flooring which has then been polished









Cream finish

For clients who prefer a plain. consistent surface for their concrete floor, we use a finer grinding process to keep the smooth surface of the concrete visible.

a cream finish on polished concrete flooring

Slightly exposed aggregate

If clients want to expose a bit of aggregate but not have it dominate the appearance of the floor, then we can grind the concrete just far enough to expose the tips of the aggregate.

slightly exposed aggregate finish on a polished concrete floor

Exposed aggregate

In most cases by removing the 3-5mm of slurry on the top of the concrete will fully expose the aggregate and produce and organic specked look.

polished concrete flooring with an exposed aggregate finish
Tru natural, Tru pc and Tru grey concrete overlay options
residential concrete polished flooring a commercial lobby with a concrete polished floor kitchen concrete polished floor hallway and staircase with concrete polished flooring

Concrete overlay

Polishing a concrete overlay refers to the process of smoothing and shining the surface of the overlay using progressively finer diamond abrasives. The benefits of polishing a concrete overlay include:

Improved durability and resistance to wear and tear due to the denser surface created by polishing. Increased resistance to staining and discoloration due to the closed pores of the surface. Easier maintenance and cleaning due to the smooth surface. Increased light reflectivity, which can improve visibility and safety in low-light areas. Aesthetically pleasing, high-gloss finish that can enhance the appearance of the concrete surface. Polishing a concrete overlay can also be a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of existing concrete surfaces without the need for complete replacement. Additionally, polished concrete surfaces can be considered as a sustainable solution as they last longer than other flooring options, and they don't need to be replaced as often, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.


Cost effective

Using the existing substrate as the finished floor saves money on purchasing other floor coverings.



Polished concrete floors require very little maintenance, they require no wax or coatings thus removing any associated labour costs for maintenance.


High light reflection

Essential for buildings such as school, hotels, restaurants and public buildings that want to project a clean and bright image and also cuts down on electrical lighting requirements.


Green living

Polished concrete floors do not require hazardous cleaners, coatings or adhesives.

Epoxy Resin Solutions

In Cardiff, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of epoxy resin services, catering to both flooring and countertop needs. Our expertise extends to providing tailored solutions, ensuring each client receives a personalised service that aligns with their specific requirements and aesthetic preferences.

For epoxy resin flooring, we offer an assortment of mixes, each designed to deliver a unique finish and set of functional benefits. Clients can choose from options that offer enhanced durability, making them ideal for high-traffic areas, or opt for mixes that provide an exceptional aesthetic appeal, perfect for spaces where visual impact is paramount.

Our countertop services are equally diverse. We understand that in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, both functionality and aesthetics are crucial. Hence, we offer epoxy resin countertops that are not only resistant to wear and tear but are also visually striking. The variety of mixes available ensures that clients can select a finish that complements their interior décor while offering the practical benefits of resistance to stains and scratches.

Epoxy flooring in a living room
Epoxy flooring in a living room
bedroom concrete polished flooring with a cream finish in Cardiff

Concrete Floor Polishing in Cardiff

We’re offering concrete polishing services right here in Cardiff. Our team is skilled, our equipment is top-notch, and our results speak for themselves. We’ve got a track record of transforming concrete floors into smooth, shiny, and durable surfaces that can handle daily wear and tear without a hitch.

We cater to all types of spaces - commercial, industrial, and residential. In the commercial sector, we’re all about delivering floors that are not just good to look at but are sturdy and easy to maintain. For the industrial spaces, we ramp up the durability to ensure the floors can handle heavy machinery and high traffic. And for the homes in Cardiff, we bring a touch of elegance and quality that’s second to none.

Our process is thorough and efficient. We assess, prepare, grind, and polish, ensuring every inch of your concrete floor is treated with care and precision. We’re not about cutting corners; we’re about delivering results that’ll make your space stand out.

If you’re in Cardiff and need your concrete floors polished to perfection, give us a shout. We’re ready to get down to business.


Hywel Williams


We had Mike & his team come and lay our kitchen floor as we wanted a hard wearing and easy to clean floor. From start to finish they were highly professional, polite and clean. We couldn’t be happier with our new floor, it looks amazing and is just what we wanted. So glad we went for this option instead of wooden flooring and we would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to get a concrete floor. So many people have commented on how good it looks!


Nigel Hill


Mike and team were floorless ( excuse the pun! ) from start to finish. We deal with contractors all the time and these guys we will definitely be using again. Very responsive and willing to answer any questions / concerns . Floor looks amazing 👌🏻A*


Spike Elliott


Great polished floor! We admired the good personal service and professionalism during the installation. Owen was attentive to our questions during the installation and produced a lovely high quality floor. We have recommended their flooring services to friends since.


Victoria Bowen


The guys at Cardiff concrete polishing have done an incredible job on our floor. They went above and beyond to overcome the problems we had with the floor that was already there. We are now left with the floor of our dreams. Can’t thank them enough and really lovely guys to have in our home.


Julian Husband


I am thrilled with the results. A great product brought to life by 2 craftsman of concrete. Both Mike and Owen demonstrated an impressive level of conscientiousness and talent in what they produced. Transforming a dull surface into a lustrous finish which impresses all who see it.


Mark Price


A very professional & easy company to deal with from start to finish & the end result looks amazing...would definitely recommend.

a polished concrete floor in a living room
close up of polished concrete flooring
a polished concrete floor in a kitchen


Here are some commonly asked questions with a quick rundown of the answers. For more information please get in touch.

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Cracks in polished concrete floors can often be repaired. Small hairline cracks may be filled with a polymer-modified cementitious patching compound specifically formulated for use on cured, hardened concrete. The compound is forced into the crack under pressure, then smoothed and allowed to cure per manufacturer instructions. Larger cracks can be routed out into a V-shape, cleaned thoroughly, and filled with a two-part epoxy designed for concrete repair. Once the epoxy has cured fully, the repair can be sanded or ground flush with the surrounding concrete surface. After cleaning up dust and debris, the repaired area can then be polished again, using progressively finer grit diamond pads, to blend and restore the desired sheen. Proper repair procedures must be followed to achieve seamless, long-lasting results.

Removing stains from polished concrete floors starts with identifying the type of stain. Oil and grease stains can often be eliminated using a concentrated alkaline cleaner or degreaser. For food and beverage stains, a mildly acidic cleaning solution is typically most effective. Rust and hard water stains respond well to oxalic or phosphoric acid treatments. Organic stains like mold and mildew require disinfecting cleaners as well as abrasion. Always follow recommended PPE and safe handling procedures when using concrete cleaners and acids. Check results and repeat as needed. Seek professional advice for persistent concrete stains. Proper identification, cleaning methods and neutralising rinses are key to safely removing stains without damaging polished concrete surfaces.

Polished concrete floors are often perceived as feeling cold or clammy underfoot. However, the cold sensation is not inherently due to the concrete itself, but rather the temperature of the slab and finishes. Bare polished concrete does conduct heat and cold readily. But applying appropriate floor finishes can increase warmth and comfort. Penetrating concrete seals and waxes add a protective coating while limiting heat transfer. Underfloor heating systems transform the thermal profile of a polished concrete floor. And area rugs add effective insulation in frequently occupied spaces. With proper floor prep and finishes, polished concrete can feel as warm and inviting underfoot as other flooring options. The slab temperature, rather than the concrete material, determines the perceived warmth of a polished concrete floor. Simple upgrades like infloor radiant heat or area rugs are effective ways to manage and elevate the thermal comfort of concrete floors.

Polished concrete floors are often mistakenly assumed to be excessively slippery. However, when properly finished, polished concrete offers surprisingly good traction and slip resistance. The key is applying the appropriate concrete coatings and sealers for the service environment. Densifiers, guards, and wax coatings work together to harden and protect the concrete surface while maintaining texture and friction. The multi-step polishing process uniformly exposes the concrete's natural variances and pores rather than creating an overly smooth finish. With responsible finishing and care, polished concrete provides suitable traction for regular foot and vehicular traffic without being dangerously slippery.

Polished concrete can be an excellent flooring choice for outdoor spaces when properly installed and maintained. Many of the stunning polished concrete floors seen indoors can also be realised outside with careful attention to the concrete mixing, finishing, sealing and polishing. Sufficient slopes for drainage are also important to avoid standing water that could undermine the slab. Hardening solutions densify the concrete optimally for resilience against the elements. Penetrating sealers also prove critical, both before and after polishing, to protect against UV rays, road salts, and deicing chemicals while preserving vapor transmission ability. Multi-step mechanical polishing with fine grit diamonds brings out the floor’s luster and texture. Regular maintenance and resealing preserves the polish. With proper techniques and care, polished concrete can realise its full decorative potential outdoors just as effectively as indoor applications.